Redlands Ice Bowl Makes Donation

Since 2008 the Redlands Ice Bowl has been helping disc golfers give back to the local community by raising funds to feed the hungry.  Here is Redlands Co-TD Joel Maury-Holmes presenting the check for $705 to Redlands Family Services Association Executive Director Kyra Stewart.Joel_presents_check


Standings After Two Events


With two events completed (Redlands and Colina Park), here are the top ten points leaders in the Golden Sombrero Series.  Tomorrow’s event at Prado may shake up the standings a bit…

Suzette Captures the Redlands Ice Bowl!

BillandSuzette 2016Redlands

Bill Maury-Holmes congratulates winner Suzette Simons

Another beautiful day in sunny SoCal, the same kind that convinces folks from the Midwest that what they see on the Rose Bowl broadcast must be the dream. Go west young people! Clear blue skies and ample winter sun prevailed even if we thin-blooded locals thought it on the brisk side. But, hey, no wimps, no whiners…

To ring in the SoCal disc golf New Year 43 good souls partook of the 9th Annual Redlands Ice Bowl at Ford Park, flinging plastic and raising money for Redlands Family Service Association. As always it was a birdie hunt with lots of good-natured ribbing spurring players to re-putt “for the children.” Never has tin-cupping been for such a good cause.

She called it boldly in the week prior and Suzette Simons followed through with the necessary skill to win.   This again kept the coveted Redlands Ice Bowl trophy in the Inland Empire and also led to Suzette claiming her bag of oranges. Maintaining the established standard, Suzette was able to run seventeen birdies and get the ace to boot. -18s abounded as seven folks accomplished that but couldn’t match Suzette.

In the “Metal o Nada” round Greg “Cheeky” Arimura hit metal twice and took the game-within-a game.

Most significantly, we will be gratefully presenting Redlands Family Service Association with $705 for their important work. Thanks go to the City of Redlands, the Redlands Morning Kiwanis Club, Disc Golf Values, Disc Golf United and Innova Champion Disc Golf for their constant and generous support. See you Saturday the 7th of January in 2017!

Bill, Samuel and Joel Maury-Holmes, Co-Tournament Directors

Results and Stats:

     Name              Score  Points
1.   Suzette Simons     -19     42
T2.  Arfan Dean         -18     35
     Joaquin Enciso     -18     35
     Jacob Newey        -18     35
     Allen Risley       -18     35
     A.J. Risley        -18     35
     Jeremiah Sander    -18     35
     Mark Verrochi      -18     35
T9.  Eric Ducharme      -17     33
     Danny Zwolenski    -17     33
T11. Joey Loepke        -16     30
     Cory Marsteller    -16     30
     Darren Mercer      -16     30
T14. Adam Aviles        -15     28
     Lance Warren       -15     28
T16. Thomas Hamblin     -14     24
     Ted Manthey        -14     24
     Chad Nichter       -14     24
     Andrew Rivera      -14     24
T20. Eric Audet         -13     22
     Steven Gerrald     -13     22
T22. Greg Arimura       -12     20
     George Loepke      -12     20
T24. James Bennett      -11     16
     Chris Horn         -11     16
     Anthony Suarez     -11     16
     Travis Tarbino     -11     16
28.  Jerry Rodriguez    -10     15
29.  Brian S.            -9     14
30.  Kevin Shaw          -8     13
31.  Joel Maury-Holmes   -7     12
T32. Brent Higham        -6     10
     Rick Walters        -6     10
T34. Jorge Enciso        -5      8
     Robert Shepherd     -5      8
T36. John Anderson       -4      5
     Greg Hanlon         -4      5
     Daniel Raya         -4      5
39.  Giovanni Aparicio   -3      4
40.  Christian Anderson   E      3
41.  Madison Mettler      6      2
42.  Kevin Beath (righty) 7      1
43.  Izaya Horn-Trevino  33      0

“Metal o Nada” Results:

  1. Greg Arimura 2 points (two hits)


  • Joaquin Enciso (Hole #6, 176’)
  • Suzette Simons (Hole #6, 176’)
  • Andrew Rivera (Hole #3, 110’)
  • Jerry Rodriguez (Hole #9, 221’)

High Temperature: Average of 54 degrees. As we started it was 40 degrees but it quickly warmed up and reached a high of 65 degrees as we concluded.

Precipitation: As is most common for us, absolutely none whatsoever.

Resources donated to Redlands Family Service Association: $705

9th Annual Redlands Ice Bowl field

9th Annual Redlands Ice Bowl field