6th Annual Murrieta Ice Bowl

What a great turn out the Murrieta Rattlers had that we had 73 players having a good time and helping out our Community Food Pantry of Murrieta! The Fairy Golf Mother tells me her preliminary calculations show a profit to the food bank of over $2600 with a few items still to be added from Ice Bowl merchandise! Thank you to all who came out for this wonderful cause. It’s our day to give back to the community. Special thanks to Innova Disc Golf, Mark Molnar & family at Disc Golf Values.com for generous donation of $1500 towards all 14 Ice Bowls, Disc Golf United (DGU) for gifting us the Innova Traveler Basket to give away in our raffle, Bill Maury-Holmes and Allen Risley for creating the Golden Sombrero series of Ice Bowls in Southern California (there are 14 of them after 11 years!), Mountain View Tire – Steve Gailey Mgr, Michael Watkins, Jim Lane, FGM’s Best friend Cheryl Read, Daughter Dani Gregory, Granddaughter Dakota Gregory (it was her 19th Birthday Saturday!) and lastly, I cant imagine doing these Club events without the love and care and support of the Fairy Golf Mother, Maxine Duncan, whose enthusiasm and energy to grow the sport is boundless! She was on the backside of a nasty cold and wisely chose to stay home and get well.
Results of the 6th Annual Murrieta Ice Bowl:
73 players on Mountain Pride’s 18 hole par 54 course
(These scores reflect unlimited mulligans and no OB’s)
(listed as raw scores for series points purposes)
Steve (BAMA) Civitak – 36 (A/O Champion)
Luke Hutchinson – 36 (Int Champion)
Jim Lane – 36 (Int Co-Champion)
Carl (Matt) Sebern – 36 (Int Co-Champion)
Aubrey Daniels – 37
Mike Lamb – 37
Zander Daniels – 37
John Clemmons – 37 (Rec/Novice Champion)
Mike Despars – 37
Eric Ducharme – 38
Alan Coffelt Shaw – 38
Trevan Allison – 39
Darren Ziegler – 41
Christopher Coberly – 41
William Lynch – 41 (Ace on 5!)
Joseph Loza – 42 (Juniors Champion)
Mark Loeffler – 42
Les Harrison – 43
Adam Soules – 43
Ryan Walters – 43
Allen Risley – 44
Mike Bloomfield – 44 (Ace on 2!)
Jake Del Dosso – 44
John Loza – 45
Brock Widman – 45
A.J. Risley – 46
Ross Buckley – 46
Ryan Stamm – 47
Gordon Williams – 47
Juan Sierra – 48
Matt Stilinovich – 48
Zach de Graaff – 48
Michael Koda – 48
Brad Townsend – 49
Gergely Tokics – 49
Mike Illich – 50
Matt Freed – 50
Junior Neri – 50
Daniel Quezada – 50
Anthony Pacitto – 50
Thomas Williams – 51
Wesley Fuhr – 51
Collin Morris – 51
Larson Warkentin – 51
Jake Tourtellotte – 51
Luke Loeffler – 52
Steve Taylor – 52
Steven Jantz – 52
Remington Grajeda – 52
Phillip Smith – 53
Manny Munoz – 53
Dave Kalata – 53
David Kalata – 53
Oscar Vigil – 54
Michael Loza – 54
Chase Chamberlain – 54
Matthew Jantz – 54
Brad Ritchie – 55
Mark Petras – 55
Nathan Jantz – 55
Steve Chang – 55
James Vigil – 55
Steven Stillings – 55
Douglas Foster – 57
Trentin Willoughby – 57
Clayton Del Valle – 61
Ben Loeffler – 62
Jon Perkins – 62
Aaron Akers – 63
Josh Westbrook – 64
Samuel Jameson – 67
Bella Pacitto – 90 (Jr. Girls Champion)
I forgot to award her the Jr. Girls Pink Disc but it will be in the mail tommorow! She was a great ticket puller for the raffle too!

A 3 way tie in Intermediate, Jim Lane, Carl Sebern and Luke Hutchinson, was decided by a Rapid Fire, Sudden Death 60 foot putting challenge where each player had a stack of twenty discs and on the signal to begin, threw as fast as they could to nail that one basket for the win! Luke Huchinson was the eventual winner!
There were two Aces on the course, one by William Lynch on Hole 5 and Mike Bloomfield on Hole 2
The Traveler Basket was won by Aubrey Daniels (D Unit)

6th Annual Murrieta Ice Bowl sponsored by Innova Disc Golf will be Saturday January 13th at Mountain Pride in Murrieta! All proceeds go to the Community Food Pantry of Murrieta that services local families. To date, the Murrieta Rattlers Disc Golf Club has  raised over $6600.  Please no can food.

Online registration is available at DGU.

It will be one 18 hole round with unlimited mulligans for sale to get that elusive 18 under score. Additional Mulligans/Raffle tickets will be available and may be used to lower your score AND will still be included in our Raffle! Mulligans will be $1 each with $20 getting you 5 extra mulligans or $5 in rattler bucks to spend at the club store. The raffle that will include an Innova Traveler Disc Golf Basket.

Your entry fee will get the first 60 golfers one of several models of gold stamped Golden Sombrero Series Innova Discs! There will be a special Ice Bowl Stamped Buzzz Disc for the winner of each division, Open/Advanced, Intermediate, Rec/Novice and Women/Juniors.

Please add MRDGC@ca.rr.com to your email address book as I will contact you about disc choice.

Your $25 entry fee gets you a  Innova disc , choice at sign up, and 3 free mulligans. Fee will be $30 at course with choice of remaining disc and no free mulligans.  The first 20 golfers to sign up on DGU will get a custom stamped nested mini set!

There will be a lunch for a $5 donation with ALL proceeds going to the charity.  The Club store will be open with all donations over the cost of items going to the charity.

This is the day we can show support for our community while we have a blast doing what we love, PLAYING DISC GOLF!

Teebird 3 heavy sold out