4th Annual Colina Park Ice Bowl

Colina Park Golf Course hosted its largest field of disc golfers to date on Sunday, January 7th, as 71 players came together for the 3rd Annual Colina Park Ice Bowl.  At the end of the day, a sudden-death playoff was needed to decide the overall title, as  A.J. “No Mulligans” Risley bested Carl Renda in a one hole shootout.  And it was a good day for the San Diego Food Bank, as well over $1,000 was raised to help feed the hungry.

Competition in the 17-player Men’s Open/Advanced division was fierce.  After 18 holes of play seven players were tied for first place with scores of 39:  Risley, Renda, Oscar Garcia, Deano Porter, Don Burdette, Tito Mendia and Jerry Jones.  Josh Juncal and Aubrey Daniels were just one stroke back at 40.    Risley and Renda birdied all nine of the final holes, finishing one stroke ahead of Garcia and Porter (who had an ace on hole #11).

Scores in the Men’s Intermediate/Rec division were nearly as low, with Logan James, Jeff Brancato and Chris Coberley all carding 40 on the first 18 holes, one stroke better than Mike Despars, Travis Tapley and Eric Shanahan. Logan James took the trophy with a final score of 61 one throw ahead of Coberly and Tapley.

We had a nine player Ladies’ division – a fantastic turnout!  Jennifer Burdette and Rianne Hamilton opened with identical 49s in the first round, but the trophy went to Jennifer after her final 9 24 beat Rianne’s 26 throws.  And during the final 9, Hayley Dumont carded an ace on hole 18!  In the Junior division, Isaiah Spracklen won the penguin-adorned trophy.

The tournament was played on a sunny, 66-degree day, considerably different from the frigid temperatures back on the east coast.  But players were certainly in the Ice Bowl spirit, purchasing strings of mulligan/raffle tickets to benefit the food bank (and help their scores).  The quick between-rounds lunch of Zappy’s pizza was very popular and after a quick shuffle of scorecards players headed out for the final 9 holes.  After the golf was over the players settled in for a generous raffle.  Steven Shimmin kept his lucky streak going, winning the Discatcher Traveler basket in the raffle.

Many thanks to Colina Prk Golf Course for providing a beautiful venue for the event.  Many thanks also to Hans Degner, A.J. Risley, Steven Shimmin and Maxine Duncan for their volunteer help.

Full Results:



A.J. Risley 57
Carl Renda 57
Deano Porter 58
Oscar Garcia 58
Aubrey Daniels 59
Don Burdette 60
Jerry Jones 60
Josh Juncal 60
Tito Mendia 60
Logan James 61
Mason Hamilton 61
Christopher Coberly 62
Tracey Crowder 62
Travis Tapley 62
Will Mickelsen 62
Jeffrey Brancato 63
Bryan Tucker 64
Chris Hanau 64
Christian Cullen 64
Jake Del Dosso 64
Jim Farrar 64
Joseph Sanchez 64
Mike Despars 64
Spence Stevens 64
Chris Marin 65
Deci Traylor 66
Isaac Feldman 66
Jeremy Mulyck 66
Jim Johnson 66
Kris Martinez 66
Billy Donovan 67
Isaiah Spracklen 67
Larry Sanchez 67
Ryan Padilla 67
Chris Hyde 69
Ryan Walters 69
Tom Vincent 69
Art Preciado 70
Eric Shanahan 70
Henry Hess 70
Thomas Kiely 70
Beau Humphries 71
Scott Seagle 71
Daniel Quezada 72
Jose Hernandez 72
Michael Slager 72
Jennifer Burdette 73
Joe Rodriguez 73
Shawn Ludlow 73
Luke Ganzele 74
Mike Flores 74
Gerardo Moreno 75
Joe Lussier 75
John Butterfield 75
John Hopkin 75
Matt Delashaw 75
Rianne Hamilton 75
Victor Hernandez 75
Alejandra Puga 76
Claire Kinder 76
Glenn Duncan 76
Matt James 78
Jeannie “Bean” Hilley 79
Anthony Carrozza 80
Hayley Dumont 82
Raul Valle 84
Ryan Jamaica 87
Wendy Humphries 89
Chandelle Butterfield 95
Bethanee Lussier 101
Marissa Burdette 107

Welcome to the 4th Annual Colina Park Ice Bowl!  This event is part of the 2018 Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls held in Southern California and is one of (at least) 13 events in this year’s series.  This is a charity fundraising event (as are all Ice Bowls) and we will be raising funds for the San Diego Food Bank.  Proceeds from your entry fee, mulligan sales and raffle ticket sales will go towards our charity.  All mulligans also act as raffle tickets.  You may also bring unopened canned food, but the food bank prefers cash – they buy their canned goods at wholesale prices!  The food bank can feed four hungry people for $1 – much more return than our purchased canned goods.  So don’t go to Costco and buy a case of chicken noodle soup (spend your cash on raffle tickets…).

Registration is available online at DiscGolfU.

Keep an eye on our Facebook event page for new details.

Check-in begins at 8:30am on Sunday, January 7th.  Players meeting will be at 9:15am.  We will be playing 27 holes of disc golf (18, then a final 9 by division), with a limit of two mulligans per hole (one on the drive, one on the putt).  Your entry fee covers your greens fee, gets you a Golden Sombrero stamp disc and three mulligans.  Extra mulligans cost $1 each.  The winner in each division will receive a custom-made Ice Bowl trophy.

Watch this space for more info!

  • There will be a $5 “Inconvenience Fee” for people who wait until Sunday to sign up.
  • We will have a hefty-sized raffle – details to come.  Raffle items include:  Innova Discatcher Traveler basket, Innova HeroPack disc golf bag…
  • Someone will leave with a basket!  The fine folks at DGU are cutting us a great deal on a Discatcher Traveller basket, so you’ll benefit from that.