At the Halfway Point – Drick in the Driver’s Seat?

We’re one week into February and a little over halfway through the 2020 Ice Bowl Season. So far, 408 different players have participated in one or more of our So Cal regional Ice Bowls With eleven of the (expected) eighteen events in the books, Eric “Drick” Ducharme has a lead of 50+ points in the Golden Sombrero Series overall competition. His 272 points from five event point totals give him a lead of 54 points over second-place Tom Vincent (218 points). Vincent’s 1 point gap over the mysterious Ronnie Coleman (217) is the difference between a silver sombrero and a bronze at the upcoming award ceremony at the Daniel Boe Memorial tournament.

Drick’s current lead is the result of the standard Golden Sombrero Series success story: solid disc golf play, strategic selection of events with large fields, and a well-financed mulligan budget. But remember – “it’s for the kids”!

Along with the gold-silver-bronze sombreros for the top 3 finishers, some of the players in the top 10 are also in the running for the “most-traveled” golden sombrero, which is awarded to the player who attends the greatest number of events. Tom Vincent and Aubrey “D-Unit” Daniels lead the way in that competition. Also of note, A.J. Risley and Mike Hover are in the top 10 after playing their rounds (virtually?) mulligan-free.

Suzette Simons, a veteran of Ice Bowls and mulligan-ing, leads the Ladies’ competition after eleven events with 85 points. Second-place Kona Panis is not expected to play any more events in the series, but San Diego resident Brandie Myers (59 points) may still give Suzette some competition, as the remainder of the Golden Sombrero schedule is very San Diego-heavy.

2020 is the first year that we will award a Junior Sombrero, and so far Eli Kadish still leads the youngsters on the strength of his Ice Bowl in Paradise performance. But the question remains: will one of the San Diego players add a few more points and make this a tight race?

There’s still time for you to be a part of the 2020 Golden Sombrero Series. Our Ice Bowl events are fundraisers for local food bank charities, so you can have fun and help members of your community at the same time. If we keep up the current pace we’re sure to clear the $25,000 fundraising mark, which will be a record for the series. And some of the most interestingf events are still ahead on the schedule: Colina Park (2/15), the Ice Bowl and chili contest at La Mirada (2/16), Reidy Creek (2/22), the double-header of snowy Wrightwood and the new Loma Club venue in San Diego on 2/29, and the series finale at Mission Bay on March 6th (there may also be a Mystery Ice Bowl…shhhhhhhh!). You can find registration pages online for most of the remaining events on DGU. And remember: No wimps, no whiners!

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