Prado Feeds the Hungry!

Thank you all for coming out to yesterdays 7th annual Ice Bowl. We had 22 throwers out and we raised $1,029 along with almost 70 cans of food! Our winner this year was Eric Stanley shooting a hot round of 36. I also wanted to thank everyone that helped me run my first “tournament” and everyone that donated! -Jonathon Witherspoon

Final Prado Ice Bowl results:

Eric Stanley3624
Mr. Nettles Manuel3721
Will Marion3919
Tom Vincent4118
Jonathon Witherspoon4417
Rob Thompson4516
Daniel Dagostino4714
Oscar A. Villaseñor4714
Thomas Moreno4913
Bill Huffman517
David Kostner517
David McLaughlin517
Ken Haggard517
Steve Howard517
Tim Felton517
Greg Lew526
Anthony Suarez532
Noah Husman532
Scott Mundy532
Suzette Simons532
Seth Gonzales561
Jack Thompson650

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