12th Annual San Marcos Super Ice Bowl Results

Another Superbowl Sunday, another Ice Bowl in the books!  Montiel Park hosted today’s 12th Annual San Marcos Super Ice Bowl, with 50 players completing 27 holes on the 9-hole Montiel track.  Players got a chance to try out the six new concrete “B” pads recently installed by the City of San Marcos during their second 9 holes and the reviews were very positive!  Unlike most other Golden Sombrero Ice Bowls, no mulligans were used at Montiel and all players followed “Superclass” disc golf rules, which require use of larger-diameter, blunt-nosed discs.  While the weather looked threatening all morning the forecasted rain really never showed up, with brisk 60º temperatures under cloudy skies the order of the day.

In the Open/Advanced division, visiting old-school Frisbee player Steve Goodwin closed with a final-9 score of 22 to add to his first round 47 for a total of 69, catching first round leader Mark Verrochi, who finished at 70.  Deano Porter and Ryan Meagher were one shot back at 71, finishing tied for third.

In Intermediate/Recreational, David Patrick’s total of 74 was enough to beat Jeff McCreary and Mike Bloomfield, who tied for 2nd place, shooting 75.  Chandelle Butterfield’s 103 total was good enough to give her the Ladies title while DJ McGlaughlin’s 86 secured his win over the field in Juniors.

While the players were here to play disc golf and help raise funds to feed the hungry in our community (through a donation to the North County Food Bank), Katie Risley kept them caffeinated with coffee from Starbucks while Maxine and Glenn Duncan provided hot dogs, chips and soda for the lunch break between rounds.  And speaking of between rounds – the intermission was filled with a return engagement of “Disc Golf Bingo”, where players bought $5 bingo cards for a chance at a Discatcher Sport-24 basket. Brendon Von and Nik Sirin were the first to call Bingo with Brendon winning the CTP playoff to take home the basket.

When all was wrapped up after awards and a prize raffle, over $1,000 was raised for the North County Food Bank (we will update this article with the final total at a later date).  Full results for 27 holes of disc golf are below:

Name Division Score
Steve Goodwin Open/Adv 69
Mark Verrochi Open/Adv 70
Dean Porter Open/Adv 71
Ryan Meagher Open/Adv 71
Atreyu Jimenez Open/Adv 72
Christian Cullen Open/Adv 72
Scott Trulli Open/Adv 72
Kenny Sommers Open/Adv 73
Greg Arimura Open/Adv 74
Jerry Jones Open/Adv 74
Kenton Reed Open/Adv 74
Aubrey Daniels Open/Adv 75
David Case Open/Adv 76
William Cosgrove Open/Adv 76
Bill Maury-Holmes Open/Adv 78
Jonathan Russek Open/Adv 78
Eric Ducharme Open/Adv 79
Alex Gillihan Open/Adv 80
Robert Eames Open/Adv 81
Jimmy Bell Open/Adv 82
Chad Nichter Open/Adv 83
Jon Kemper Open/Adv 84
David Patrick Int/Rec 74
Jeff Mccreery Int/Rec 75
Mike Bloomfield Int/Rec 75
Cris Bangaoil Int/Rec 76
Tom Vincent Int/Rec 77
John Butterfield Int/Rec 78
Ryan Walters Int/Rec 78
Nikolas Sirin Int/Rec 79
William Grimm Int/Rec 79
William Lynch Int/Rec 79
Dustin Trowbridge Int/Rec 81
Glenn Duncan Int/Rec 81
Hudson Elliott Int/Rec 81
Philip Johnson Jr Int/Rec 81
Calvin Otjen Int/Rec 82
Junior Neri Int/Rec 83
Dustin Henry Int/Rec 84
Morgen Johnson Int/Rec 85
Lawrence Mendoza Int/Rec 87
Miguel Castillo Int/Rec 87
No Name Int/Rec 87
Brian Rowe Int/Rec 88
Brendon Von Int/Rec 89
Mikey Slager Int/Rec 91
Chandelle Butterfield Ladies 103
Donald McGlaughlin Juniors 86
Brayden Bell Juniors 133
David Case, Jr. Juniors 141