Standings After the First Weekend


Carl Renda holds the lead after the first Golden Sombrero weekend after his win at Redlands and second-place finish at Colina Park.  Aubrey Daniels’ high finish at both events puts him in second place with (Mulligan-free) A.J. Risley and Mike Despars rounding out the top 4 spots.  Spots 5 through 10 are held by top finishers at Colina Park since the field of players was larger there.  See you at Murrieta this Saturday!

The top ten points earners after the Redlands and Colina Park Ice Bowls:

Overall Standings (after 2 events included)

 Place Name Points Events
1 Carl Renda 133 2
2 Aubrey Daniels 122 2
3 A.J. Risley 121 2
4 Mike Despars 84 2
T5 Deano Porter 72 1
T5 Oscar Garcia 72 1
T7 Don Burdette 67 1
T7 Jerry Jones 67 1
T7 Josh Juncal 67 1
T7 Tito Mendia 67 1


Full standings can be found here.


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