At the Halfway Point – Drick in the Driver's Seat?

We’re one week into February and a little over halfway through the 2020 Ice Bowl Season. So far, 408 different players have participated in one or more of our So Cal regional Ice Bowls With eleven of the (expected) eighteen events in the books, Eric “Drick” Ducharme has a lead of 50+ points in the Golden Sombrero Series overall competition. His 272 points from five event point totals give him a lead of 54 points over second-place Tom Vincent (218 points). Vincent’s 1 point gap over the mysterious Ronnie Coleman (217) is the difference between a silver sombrero and a bronze at the upcoming award ceremony at the Daniel Boe Memorial tournament.

Drick’s current lead is the result of the standard Golden Sombrero Series success story: solid disc golf play, strategic selection of events with large fields, and a well-financed mulligan budget. But remember – “it’s for the kids”!

Along with the gold-silver-bronze sombreros for the top 3 finishers, some of the players in the top 10 are also in the running for the “most-traveled” golden sombrero, which is awarded to the player who attends the greatest number of events. Tom Vincent and Aubrey “D-Unit” Daniels lead the way in that competition. Also of note, A.J. Risley and Mike Hover are in the top 10 after playing their rounds (virtually?) mulligan-free.

Suzette Simons, a veteran of Ice Bowls and mulligan-ing, leads the Ladies’ competition after eleven events with 85 points. Second-place Kona Panis is not expected to play any more events in the series, but San Diego resident Brandie Myers (59 points) may still give Suzette some competition, as the remainder of the Golden Sombrero schedule is very San Diego-heavy.

2020 is the first year that we will award a Junior Sombrero, and so far Eli Kadish still leads the youngsters on the strength of his Ice Bowl in Paradise performance. But the question remains: will one of the San Diego players add a few more points and make this a tight race?

There’s still time for you to be a part of the 2020 Golden Sombrero Series. Our Ice Bowl events are fundraisers for local food bank charities, so you can have fun and help members of your community at the same time. If we keep up the current pace we’re sure to clear the $25,000 fundraising mark, which will be a record for the series. And some of the most interestingf events are still ahead on the schedule: Colina Park (2/15), the Ice Bowl and chili contest at La Mirada (2/16), Reidy Creek (2/22), the double-header of snowy Wrightwood and the new Loma Club venue in San Diego on 2/29, and the series finale at Mission Bay on March 6th (there may also be a Mystery Ice Bowl…shhhhhhhh!). You can find registration pages online for most of the remaining events on DGU. And remember: No wimps, no whiners!

Prado Feeds the Hungry!

Thank you all for coming out to yesterdays 7th annual Ice Bowl. We had 22 throwers out and we raised $1,029 along with almost 70 cans of food! Our winner this year was Eric Stanley shooting a hot round of 36. I also wanted to thank everyone that helped me run my first “tournament” and everyone that donated! -Jonathon Witherspoon

Final Prado Ice Bowl results:

Eric Stanley3624
Mr. Nettles Manuel3721
Will Marion3919
Tom Vincent4118
Jonathon Witherspoon4417
Rob Thompson4516
Daniel Dagostino4714
Oscar A. Villaseñor4714
Thomas Moreno4913
Bill Huffman517
David Kostner517
David McLaughlin517
Ken Haggard517
Steve Howard517
Tim Felton517
Greg Lew526
Anthony Suarez532
Noah Husman532
Scott Mundy532
Suzette Simons532
Seth Gonzales561
Jack Thompson650

2020 Golden Sombrero Standings After 4 Events

[The partial points standings below are based on results reports from Redlands, Kit Carson, Ice Bowl in Paradise, Sycuan and Yucaipa. We’re waiting to receive results from Murietta, Prado and Martha McClean and will add those results as soon as they are turned in.]

After 4 reported events in the 2020 Golden Sombrero Series, Eric “Drick” Ducharme leads the overall points race, with 172 points earned from 3 events. (The final Golden Sombrero title is decided based on players’ best 5 point totals. One point is earned for each player beaten at an event.) Carl Renda and Tom Vincent are tied for second so far, after battling it out in Redlands, with 152 points apiece. Yet another logjam is found in a 3-way tie for 4th place between A.J. “No Mulligans” Risley, Aubrey “D-Unit” Daniels and Jerry “Not THAT Jerry” Jones with 125 points. The top ten overall players are listed here:

1Eric Ducharme1723
T2Carl Renda1523
T2Tom Vincent1523
T4A.J. Risley1253
T4Aubrey “D-unit” Daniels1253
T4Jerry Jones1252
7Don Burdette1162
8Wil Mickelsen1132
9Ronnie Coleman1112
10Kyle O’Neill1092
Overall standings after 4 events reported

In the Ladies’ division, Kona Panis has the lead with 61 points after 4 events on the strength of a stellar performance at the Ice Bowl in Paradise. Suzette Simons is just two points behind (59) after good showings at Redlands and Yucaipa. Brandie Myers’ 42 points earned at Kit Carson and Sycuan put her in 3rd place while Charlotte Towle and Jenna Johnson share 4th place based on their play at Chavez Ridge and Kit Carson, respectively. The top ten leaders in the Ladies’ division are presented below:

1Kona Panis611
2Suzette Simons592
3Brandie Myers422
T4Charlotte Towle321
T4Jenna  Johnson321
6Elizabeth Silva261
7Hayley Dumont201
T8Cindy Jin-Berg181
T8Jennifer JBurd Burdette181
T10Holly Jones141
T10Julie Rehder141
Ladies’ standings after 4 events

The Juniors’ race has a clear leader – Eli Kadish – who earned 11 points at Chavez Ridge on Saturday. Marissa Burdette, Jack Carrigg and Talon Hover are tied for second so far with many events yet to be held.

1Eli Kadish111
T2Marissa Burdette42
T2Jack Carrigg41
T2Talon Hover41
Juniors’ standings after 4 events

"The Fiercest Chavez Ever" Hosts the Ice Bowl in Paradise

The Ice Bowl In Paradise 2020 was big fun for most and … adventure for all!  The creative layout made up in difficulty for what it lacked in trees (the city recently cleared the drought destroyed trees that have studded the Ridge).  Shawn, Dee, Ryan and the rest of the Chavez Ridge crew did a lot of work to prepare the course – and their efforts paid off. Thanks also to Shawn Glassford (again), Scott Pucker and Zoe Towne for their help and to Discovering The World and Disc Golf Values and our other sponsors for their support.

We were again a PDGA, So Cal DGA, and Golden Sombrero Series event and had an impressive bunch of Pro and Am players take part to “have some fun, raise some money for the food charities and make Mom proud!”. 
Kona Panis and Colten Montgomery won the FPO and MPO divisions respectively while Peter Mares in MA1 carded the round of the day on his second round. At 123 total, he and Tom Juhl (in MP40) had the best two round scores.

The legendary taco lunch rocked and Disc Shuffleboard entertained. 1st Place in Disc Arcade went to Kevin Staples and John Siglock got 2nd.
Lucas Solis got an ACE in the second round on #17A (150’)!

We will once again have over $2000 in donations to our food charities (Oxfam and Project Angel Food).  We will have those details and the TD Report out soon. -Cliff Towne

Full results are available at:

The Brothers Loepke Battle for the Yucaipa Ice Bowl Title

The 2020 Yucaipa Ice Bowl crew

Yucaipa’s 8th Annual Ice Bowl Driven by Innova @ Yucaipa DGC – 01/19/20

We had 37 people come out and brave the warm weather that So Cal blessed us with.. haha All jokes aside we raised $1,609 and 138lbs or canned food… 68lbs of it was donated by Timothy Felten, thank you for your generosity!

Thank you:

  • Innova Discs
  • Yucaipa Disc Golf Club
  • Inland Flight Club
  • The Hyzer Project
  • Jose’s Mexican Food
  • Stater Bros. Markets
  • The Oak House
  • & all the other sponsors that donated to our raffle!

Thank you Blind Dave for the awesome trophy! Once again you out did yourself & made an awesome 1 of a kind trophy! Thank you Kevin Beath & Derek for bringing the party favors ! IT definately contributed to the amount we raised. Congratulations to Joseph Loepke & Ted Manthey, they took home the baskets!

Par 54 (Shorts): We had two aces! They took home $68 each!

  • Jed Barna on Hole 6 short (Hill Pin)
  • Chris McCullough on Hole 12 short

These guys were on the same card during the round, two aces on one card! Sweeeet! Joseph Loepke with the 36 (-18) mulligan rated hot round! Nice shootin’ Joe!! Joey defeated his older brother George Loepke, who also shot a 36 (-18) perfect round, in a CTP play off on Hole 1!

Joseph Loepke3639
George Loepke3636
Mario Martinez3833
Adam Soules3833
Clint Yates4232
Ted Drex4330
Brian Uzzi4330
Keith Lindsey4528
Derek S4528
Jedediah JJ Barna4627
Erik Wood4826
Kevin Beath4924
Suzette Simons4924
Cory Danner5020
Ted Manthey5020
Timothy Felten5020
Gary Madden5020
Cindy Jin-Berg5118
John L5118
Michael DeGonia5216
Bruce D5216
Ken S5313
Brandon C5313
Toby Madden5313
Jay B5410
Blind Dave5410
Robert S5410
Jim L559
Chris McCullough568
Ray Carter577
Debbie D595
Matt F595
Tim C674
Ron P693
Sam Madden780
Alex Madden780
2020 Yucaipa Ice Bowl Full Results

Redland Starts 2020 Golden Sombrero Season

Redlands Ice Bowl Participants

It was the usual pitch n’ putt madness this last Saturday at the 13th Annual Redlands Ice Bowl at Ford Park. The tribe of 52 players gathered under glorious conditions, many attired in Hawaiian shirts to celebrate the “chill.” Scores were blistering as usual and when it all cleared there were five (!) players at -21: 19 birdies and an ace. Nailing the playoff CTP on hole #10 was Tom Vincent for the trophy. Jeff Barber hit tons of metal (and aced twice), taking home the Metal O’ Nada contest and super local Ted Drex won the basket in the raffle. Most importantly, we have a new high donation to make to the Family Service Association of Redlands, a hefty $1,902 which will be presented shortly. For the children!

Kit Carson Ice Bowl a Big Success!

Golden Sombreros on penguins?

Eighty-one players descended on Kit Carson Park’s disc golf course on Sunday for the inaugural at this popular San Diego County course. When the dust had settled, four Kit Carson Ice Bowl Champions had been crowned: Taylor “Buddy” Tritt in the Open/Advanced division, Brandie Myers in the Ladies’ division, Eric “Drick” Ducharme in the Intermediate/Recreational division and Jack Carrigg in the Juniors division.

The big winner on Sunday will turn out to be the North County Food Bank. While the four aforementioned players topped their rivals and took home trophies, all players took home a tournament-stamp disc and many left with other assorted prizes, the food bank will be receiving a $2,250 donation on behalf of the players and supporters of the tournament. That’s a fantastic amount for a first-time Ice Bowl event.

In the Open/Advanced division, Buddy Tritt recorded a score of 44 on the 20-hole KCP Ice Bowl layout, winning the division of 19 players and edging Jerry Jones and Aaron Van Matre by just one throw. That was just one throw better than perennial Ice Bowl competitor Carl “Carlagain” Renda, who made a cameo appearance at KCP while visiting from Santa Maria. Note: The “Points” column in each of the results tables below are points that players earned towards the Golden Sombero Series titles. Players receive one point for each other player they beat, regardless of division. 1st place receives 3 bonus points, second place wins one bonus point.

Open/Advanced Division
First NameLast NameScorePoints
TaylorTritt44 83
AaronVan Matre4579
Carl “Carlagain”Renda4677
Aubrey “D-unit”Daniels5157
Men’s Open/Advanced division results

Competition in the Ladies’ division was very close, as only six throws separated first place from 5th. After 20 holes had been played there was a tie for 1st between Brandie Myers and Liz Silva at 59. The tie was broken via a CTP throw on hole “A”, a temporary hole playing to one of the practice baskets. The playoff caught Brandie by surprise, as she had stowed her discs and shoes in the car, waiting for the awards ceremony. But that didn’t stop her from parking the temp basket in front of a large audience while wearing her flip-flops, using a borrowed disc from another player! Liz’s shot was close, but Brandie’s was closer and she walked away with the coveted home-made trophy. Results from the entire Ladies’ division are here:

Ladies Division
First NameLast NameScorePoints
BrandieMyers59 26
Ladies’ division results

Fifty-four mulligan-fortified players did battle in the men’s Intermediate/Recreational division, with Eric “Drick” Ducharme topping the heap after firing a 47 for 20 holes. Kevin Best took second, just one throw behind at 48 while John Clemmons and former sombrero winner Ghostface June tying for third at 49 throws. The players in this division are the fundraising heroes of the Ice Bowl, purchasing long strings of mulligan tickets to (hopefully) better their scores and then making multiple trips to the front of the crowd to retrieve prizes – Ducharme and Clemmons were joined by Hudson Elliott, Ryan Cox and Spence Stevens as lucky winners. And in a popular result, regular KCP Doubles player Mike Daglio walked away with a new Innova Traveler basket as the winner of the “telepathic putting” contest. Full intermediate/Recreational results are here:

Int/Rec Division
First NameLast NameScorePoints
EricDucharme47 72
ZachDe Graaff6024
Men’s Intermediate/Recreational division results
Drick wins Intermediate/Rec division

Three junior players joined the adults out on the course and in a pretty close contest Jack Carrigg edged out Marissa Burdette for first place, 67 to 70. Talon Hover was close behind with a score of 76 throws. We hope to see these Junior division players at some of our future Ice Bowls!

Juniors Division
First NameLast NameScorePoints
JackCarrigg67 4
Junior division results

An event like this only happens with the help of many people, so many thanks are to be handed out. I would like to thank the City of Escondido for their continued support of disc golf in Kit Carson Park; Matt Morrison of SDSF for promotional support and donation of a $100 gift certificate; Innova Champion Discs for supplying the tournament discs; and Mark Molnar for his ongoing support of the Golden Sombrero Series; Spence Stevens for his generous donation of raffle prizes; Jim “Mac” McDowell, Katie Risley and A.J. Risley for their help with tournament day tasks and my Co-Instigator Bill Maury-Holmes for continuing to provide support to all of the Golden Sombrero events.

We have now completed the first weekend of Golden Sombrero events with the Redlands and Kit Carson Ice Bowls. As of this time, there will be 16 more Golden Sombrero Ice Bowls by the time the series wraps up at Mission Bay. Keep your eyes on our website (, the Golden Sombrero group on Facebook and DGU for more Golden Sombrero event listings.

  • Allen Risley, Golden Sombrero Co-Instigator & Kit Carson Ice Bowl TD

Ice Bowl Season 2020 is Upon Us!

Yes!!!!!!  The 2020 Ice Bowl season is rapidly approaching and the Golden Sombrero Series is shaping up.  We expect to have close to 20 events this year.  Here’s what we know as of right now (links added to registration pages).

As in the past, we will compile points for the series and award Gold, Silver and Bronze Sombreros for men, a Gold Sombrero for the ladies and possible others (kids? most events?).  The overall winner will win an Innova portable basket – this year a “Super Sport” model (like the baskets at Colton).  Remember that all of these events are charity fundraisers for local food banks.

If you’d like to become a Golden Sombrero Ice Bowl TD, contact Bill Maury-Holmes or Allen Risley (contact info available on the links above for Redlands and Kit Carson, respectively.

Remember:  No Wimps!  No Whiners!


12th Annual San Marcos Super Ice Bowl Results

Another Superbowl Sunday, another Ice Bowl in the books!  Montiel Park hosted today’s 12th Annual San Marcos Super Ice Bowl, with 50 players completing 27 holes on the 9-hole Montiel track.  Players got a chance to try out the six new concrete “B” pads recently installed by the City of San Marcos during their second 9 holes and the reviews were very positive!  Unlike most other Golden Sombrero Ice Bowls, no mulligans were used at Montiel and all players followed “Superclass” disc golf rules, which require use of larger-diameter, blunt-nosed discs.  While the weather looked threatening all morning the forecasted rain really never showed up, with brisk 60º temperatures under cloudy skies the order of the day.

In the Open/Advanced division, visiting old-school Frisbee player Steve Goodwin closed with a final-9 score of 22 to add to his first round 47 for a total of 69, catching first round leader Mark Verrochi, who finished at 70.  Deano Porter and Ryan Meagher were one shot back at 71, finishing tied for third.

In Intermediate/Recreational, David Patrick’s total of 74 was enough to beat Jeff McCreary and Mike Bloomfield, who tied for 2nd place, shooting 75.  Chandelle Butterfield’s 103 total was good enough to give her the Ladies title while DJ McGlaughlin’s 86 secured his win over the field in Juniors.

While the players were here to play disc golf and help raise funds to feed the hungry in our community (through a donation to the North County Food Bank), Katie Risley kept them caffeinated with coffee from Starbucks while Maxine and Glenn Duncan provided hot dogs, chips and soda for the lunch break between rounds.  And speaking of between rounds – the intermission was filled with a return engagement of “Disc Golf Bingo”, where players bought $5 bingo cards for a chance at a Discatcher Sport-24 basket. Brendon Von and Nik Sirin were the first to call Bingo with Brendon winning the CTP playoff to take home the basket.

When all was wrapped up after awards and a prize raffle, over $1,000 was raised for the North County Food Bank (we will update this article with the final total at a later date).  Full results for 27 holes of disc golf are below:

Name Division Score
Steve Goodwin Open/Adv 69
Mark Verrochi Open/Adv 70
Dean Porter Open/Adv 71
Ryan Meagher Open/Adv 71
Atreyu Jimenez Open/Adv 72
Christian Cullen Open/Adv 72
Scott Trulli Open/Adv 72
Kenny Sommers Open/Adv 73
Greg Arimura Open/Adv 74
Jerry Jones Open/Adv 74
Kenton Reed Open/Adv 74
Aubrey Daniels Open/Adv 75
David Case Open/Adv 76
William Cosgrove Open/Adv 76
Bill Maury-Holmes Open/Adv 78
Jonathan Russek Open/Adv 78
Eric Ducharme Open/Adv 79
Alex Gillihan Open/Adv 80
Robert Eames Open/Adv 81
Jimmy Bell Open/Adv 82
Chad Nichter Open/Adv 83
Jon Kemper Open/Adv 84
David Patrick Int/Rec 74
Jeff Mccreery Int/Rec 75
Mike Bloomfield Int/Rec 75
Cris Bangaoil Int/Rec 76
Tom Vincent Int/Rec 77
John Butterfield Int/Rec 78
Ryan Walters Int/Rec 78
Nikolas Sirin Int/Rec 79
William Grimm Int/Rec 79
William Lynch Int/Rec 79
Dustin Trowbridge Int/Rec 81
Glenn Duncan Int/Rec 81
Hudson Elliott Int/Rec 81
Philip Johnson Jr Int/Rec 81
Calvin Otjen Int/Rec 82
Junior Neri Int/Rec 83
Dustin Henry Int/Rec 84
Morgen Johnson Int/Rec 85
Lawrence Mendoza Int/Rec 87
Miguel Castillo Int/Rec 87
No Name Int/Rec 87
Brian Rowe Int/Rec 88
Brendon Von Int/Rec 89
Mikey Slager Int/Rec 91
Chandelle Butterfield Ladies 103
Donald McGlaughlin Juniors 86
Brayden Bell Juniors 133
David Case, Jr. Juniors 141

The 2019 Golden Sombrero Series is Underway!

2019 is here and the Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls is back!  The series opened up earlier this month as it always does – in Redlands – and will end with the traditional Sunday night San Diego Ice Bowl, this year held on the permanent layout at Mission Bay Golf Course.  Once again in 2019 we will have more Ice Bowl disc golf events as part of the series than ever before.  At all of these events we will be raising funds for local charities that help feed the hungry in our communities, a tradition that began over 25 years ago in Columbia, Missouri when Rick Rothstein convened a rag-tag bunch of disc golfers to play in the snow and cook a big pot of chili.

Our Golden Sombrero Series formula remains essentially the same – co-run a series of lower-cost, lower-pressure, semi-competitive, super-fun, very charitable disc golf tournaments where the TD’s have the freedom to experiment and present events the way they want.  Most Golden Sombrero events make use of mulligan sales and raffles to raise money for their charities.  If you’re not OK with mulligan-powered low scores, maybe you should let someone else have your tournament spot – we want to raise money for our local charities, not necessarily crown the most-skilled disc golfer on the course.  And that’s OK, ‘cuz it’s lots of fun!  This year, because of an increase in the number of available events, the Golden Sombrero leader standings will reflect the players with the 5-best point totals from the Golden Sombrero events.  Points at the individual events are earned based on the number of players you beat, regardless of division.

This year’s series will include some new events:  Martha McClean in Riverside, Chula Vista and Reidy Creek Golf Course in Escondido.  And we welcome Palm Desert and Prado back to the series along with perennial favorites Ice Bowl in Paradise (Chavez Ridge), Redlands, Sky High, Murrieta, Mission Bay and many more!  Watch this site for event listings and results, but keep your eyes peeled for registration pages on DGU in case our day jobs put us a bit behind on getting new events posted to the schedule.

Once we get to the end of February and all of the Ice Bowls have been played, be ready to see the 2019 Golden Sombrero Series Champion and Silver Superlatives crowned (sombrero’ed?) at the Daniel Boe Memorial tournament at Kit Carson Park in Escondido (late in March, 2019).

Many thanks to our Golden Sombrero TD’s, Innova Champion Discs, and you, the players, for making the Golden Sombrero Series a great success!