12th Annual San Marcos Super Ice Bowl Results

Another Superbowl Sunday, another Ice Bowl in the books!  Montiel Park hosted today’s 12th Annual San Marcos Super Ice Bowl, with 50 players completing 27 holes on the 9-hole Montiel track.  Players got a chance to try out the six new concrete “B” pads recently installed by the City of San Marcos during their second 9 holes and the reviews were very positive!  Unlike most other Golden Sombrero Ice Bowls, no mulligans were used at Montiel and all players followed “Superclass” disc golf rules, which require use of larger-diameter, blunt-nosed discs.  While the weather looked threatening all morning the forecasted rain really never showed up, with brisk 60º temperatures under cloudy skies the order of the day.

In the Open/Advanced division, visiting old-school Frisbee player Steve Goodwin closed with a final-9 score of 22 to add to his first round 47 for a total of 69, catching first round leader Mark Verrochi, who finished at 70.  Deano Porter and Ryan Meagher were one shot back at 71, finishing tied for third.

In Intermediate/Recreational, David Patrick’s total of 74 was enough to beat Jeff McCreary and Mike Bloomfield, who tied for 2nd place, shooting 75.  Chandelle Butterfield’s 103 total was good enough to give her the Ladies title while DJ McGlaughlin’s 86 secured his win over the field in Juniors.

While the players were here to play disc golf and help raise funds to feed the hungry in our community (through a donation to the North County Food Bank), Katie Risley kept them caffeinated with coffee from Starbucks while Maxine and Glenn Duncan provided hot dogs, chips and soda for the lunch break between rounds.  And speaking of between rounds – the intermission was filled with a return engagement of “Disc Golf Bingo”, where players bought $5 bingo cards for a chance at a Discatcher Sport-24 basket. Brendon Von and Nik Sirin were the first to call Bingo with Brendon winning the CTP playoff to take home the basket.

When all was wrapped up after awards and a prize raffle, over $1,000 was raised for the North County Food Bank (we will update this article with the final total at a later date).  Full results for 27 holes of disc golf are below:

Name Division Score
Steve Goodwin Open/Adv 69
Mark Verrochi Open/Adv 70
Dean Porter Open/Adv 71
Ryan Meagher Open/Adv 71
Atreyu Jimenez Open/Adv 72
Christian Cullen Open/Adv 72
Scott Trulli Open/Adv 72
Kenny Sommers Open/Adv 73
Greg Arimura Open/Adv 74
Jerry Jones Open/Adv 74
Kenton Reed Open/Adv 74
Aubrey Daniels Open/Adv 75
David Case Open/Adv 76
William Cosgrove Open/Adv 76
Bill Maury-Holmes Open/Adv 78
Jonathan Russek Open/Adv 78
Eric Ducharme Open/Adv 79
Alex Gillihan Open/Adv 80
Robert Eames Open/Adv 81
Jimmy Bell Open/Adv 82
Chad Nichter Open/Adv 83
Jon Kemper Open/Adv 84
David Patrick Int/Rec 74
Jeff Mccreery Int/Rec 75
Mike Bloomfield Int/Rec 75
Cris Bangaoil Int/Rec 76
Tom Vincent Int/Rec 77
John Butterfield Int/Rec 78
Ryan Walters Int/Rec 78
Nikolas Sirin Int/Rec 79
William Grimm Int/Rec 79
William Lynch Int/Rec 79
Dustin Trowbridge Int/Rec 81
Glenn Duncan Int/Rec 81
Hudson Elliott Int/Rec 81
Philip Johnson Jr Int/Rec 81
Calvin Otjen Int/Rec 82
Junior Neri Int/Rec 83
Dustin Henry Int/Rec 84
Morgen Johnson Int/Rec 85
Lawrence Mendoza Int/Rec 87
Miguel Castillo Int/Rec 87
No Name Int/Rec 87
Brian Rowe Int/Rec 88
Brendon Von Int/Rec 89
Mikey Slager Int/Rec 91
Chandelle Butterfield Ladies 103
Donald McGlaughlin Juniors 86
Brayden Bell Juniors 133
David Case, Jr. Juniors 141

The 2019 Golden Sombrero Series is Underway!

2019 is here and the Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls is back!  The series opened up earlier this month as it always does – in Redlands – and will end with the traditional Sunday night San Diego Ice Bowl, this year held on the permanent layout at Mission Bay Golf Course.  Once again in 2019 we will have more Ice Bowl disc golf events as part of the series than ever before.  At all of these events we will be raising funds for local charities that help feed the hungry in our communities, a tradition that began over 25 years ago in Columbia, Missouri when Rick Rothstein convened a rag-tag bunch of disc golfers to play in the snow and cook a big pot of chili.

Our Golden Sombrero Series formula remains essentially the same – co-run a series of lower-cost, lower-pressure, semi-competitive, super-fun, very charitable disc golf tournaments where the TD’s have the freedom to experiment and present events the way they want.  Most Golden Sombrero events make use of mulligan sales and raffles to raise money for their charities.  If you’re not OK with mulligan-powered low scores, maybe you should let someone else have your tournament spot – we want to raise money for our local charities, not necessarily crown the most-skilled disc golfer on the course.  And that’s OK, ‘cuz it’s lots of fun!  This year, because of an increase in the number of available events, the Golden Sombrero leader standings will reflect the players with the 5-best point totals from the Golden Sombrero events.  Points at the individual events are earned based on the number of players you beat, regardless of division.

This year’s series will include some new events:  Martha McClean in Riverside, Chula Vista and Reidy Creek Golf Course in Escondido.  And we welcome Palm Desert and Prado back to the series along with perennial favorites Ice Bowl in Paradise (Chavez Ridge), Redlands, Sky High, Murrieta, Mission Bay and many more!  Watch this site for event listings and results, but keep your eyes peeled for registration pages on DGU in case our day jobs put us a bit behind on getting new events posted to the schedule.

Once we get to the end of February and all of the Ice Bowls have been played, be ready to see the 2019 Golden Sombrero Series Champion and Silver Superlatives crowned (sombrero’ed?) at the Daniel Boe Memorial tournament at Kit Carson Park in Escondido (late in March, 2019).

Many thanks to our Golden Sombrero TD’s, Innova Champion Discs, DiscGolfValues.com and you, the players, for making the Golden Sombrero Series a great success!

Final 2018 Golden Sombrero Standings

2018-03-25 18.12.05

Golden Sombrero Series Champions (from left): Ryan Walters – Most Events, Mike Despars – Most Points, Suzette Simons (represented by Amanda Rose) – Ladies Champion, Steve “Bama” Civitak (represented by Ray Carter) – 3rd place Overall, Aubrey “D-Unit” Daniels – Grand Champion, Oscar “MexiBeast” Garcia – 2nd Place Overall

The doffing of the Sombreros (we haven’t come up with a better name for the awards ceremony) for the 2018 Golden Sombrero Series occurred over the weekend as part of the festivities at the 2018 Daniel Boe Memorial tournament.  Six disc golfers were recognized for their feats of disc golf, travel and mulliganery.  The winners were:

  • Grand Champion – Aubrey “D-Unit” Daniels
  • 2nd Place Overall – Oscar “MexiBeast” Garcia
  • 3rd place Overall – Steve “Bama” Civitak
  • Ladies Champion – Suzette Simons
  • Most Total Points – Mike Despars
  • Most Events Played – Ryan Walters

(Suzette, Mike and Ryan are reportedly searching for appropriate nicknames for next year)


The 2018 Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls was a smashing success!  538 individual players took part in 14 separate events, from as far south as Sycuan Golf Resort in El Cajon to Chavez Ridge in the north.  The final tally for money raised was over $23,500 – a record for the series.  Everyone who participated or volunteered should be proud of the amount of help that money will provide to the hungry in our communities.  The food banks will be able to provide nearly 100,000 meals with what we raised!

To wrap up, we would like to give a big thanks to the folks at Innova-Champion Discs who provided the fantastic discs for the series and to Mark Molnar of DiscGolfValues.com for the amazing support he continues to provide to our cause.  And many thanks to our Golden Sombrero TD’s, who put in a great deal of effort to provide a fun day for the players and full bellies for the hungry:

  • Redlands Ice Bowl – Bill Maury-Holmes
  • Colina Park Ice Bowl – Allen Risley
  • Prado Ice Bowl – Steven Anthony Gerald
  • Murietta Ice Bowl – Glenn & Maxine Duncan
  • Ice Bowl in Paradise – Cliff Towne & Wing Ko
  • Sycuan Ice Bowl – Mike Lamb
  • Brengle Terrace Ice Bowl – Chad Fukuda
  • La Mirada Half-Iced Bowl – Allen Risley
  • Yucaipa Ice Bowl – George Loepke
  • San Marcos Super Ice Bowl – Allen Risley
  • Mast Park Ice Bowl – Jerry Jones
  • Wrightwood Ice Bowl – Bill Maury-Holmes
  • Mission Bay Ice Bowl – Randy Wylot
  • Mystery Ice Bowl – Allen Risley

See you next year!!!  See the full standings here.

Standings After 6 Events

After points for six events have been added to the standings, Aubrey Daniels is standing tall above the crowd with 268 points.  Remember, only the top four scores are counted for a player, so those players who have played less than four events so far still have a good chance to make up the difference.

A.J. “No Mulligans” Risley is hanging on in second place, followed by Carl “Beanieman” Renda in third and Mike Despars in fourth.  Full standings can be found here.

Overall Standings (after 6 events included)





1 Aubrey Daniels 268 5
2 A.J. Risley 214 4
3 Carl Renda 207 3
4 Mike Despars 206 5
5 Christopher Coberly 176 3
6 Ryan Walters 146 5
7 Allen Risley 131 3
8 Bama Civitak 119 2
9 Jake Del Dosso 118 3
10 Joel Maury-Holmes 117 2

Standings After 3 Events

After three events of the Golden Sombrero Series, Aubrey Daniels has jumped to the top of the leaderboard.  While D-Unit hasn’t won one of the Ice Bowls he has finished no more than 2 throws out of the lead at the three events so far.  A.J. “No Mulligans” Risley is holding on to second place and Mike Despars is in third.  You can see the top ten (plus ties) right below:

See full standings here.

Overall Standings (after 3 events included)

 Place Name Points Events
1 Aubrey Daniels 185 3
2 A.J. Risley 166 3
3 Mike Despars 147 3
4 Carl Renda 133 2
5 Bama Civitak 119 2
6 Christopher Coberly 118 2
7 Ryan Walters 114 3
8 Jake Del Dosso 101 2
9 Allen Risley 95 2
10 Deano Porter 72 1
11 Oscar Garcia 72 1

A Great Murrieta Icy-Hot Bowl!

What a great turn out the Murrieta Rattlers had that we had 73 players having a good time and helping out our Community Food Pantry of Murrieta! The Fairy Golf Mother tells me her preliminary calculations show a profit to the food bank of over $2600 with a few items still to be added from Ice Bowl merchandise! Thank you to all who came out for this wonderful cause. It’s our day to give back to the community. Special thanks to Innova Disc Golf, Mark Molnar & family at Disc Golf Values.com for generous donation of $1500 towards all 14 Ice Bowls, Disc Golf United (DGU) for gifting us the Innova Traveler Basket to give away in our raffle, Bill Maury-Holmes and Allen Risley for creating the Golden Sombrero series of Ice Bowls in Southern California (there are 14 of them after 11 years!), Mountain View Tire – Steve Gailey Mgr, Michael Watkins, Jim Lane, FGM’s Best friend Cheryl Read, Daughter Dani Gregory, Granddaughter Dakota Gregory (it was her 19th Birthday Saturday!) and lastly, I cant imagine doing these Club events without the love and care and support of the Fairy Golf Mother, Maxine Duncan, whose enthusiasm and energy to grow the sport is boundless! She was on the backside of a nasty cold and wisely chose to stay home and get well.
Results of the 6th Annual Murrieta Ice Bowl:
73 players on Mountain Pride’s 18 hole par 54 course
(These scores reflect unlimited mulligans and no OB’s)
(listed as raw scores for series points purposes)
Steve (BAMA) Civitak – 36 (A/O Champion)
Luke Hutchinson – 36 (Int Champion)
Jim Lane – 36 (Int Co-Champion)
Carl (Matt) Sebern – 36 (Int Co-Champion)
Aubrey Daniels – 37
Mike Lamb – 37
Zander Daniels – 37
John Clemmons – 37 (Rec/Novice Champion)
Mike Despars – 37
Eric Ducharme – 38
Alan Coffelt Shaw – 38
Trevan Allison – 39
Darren Ziegler – 41
Christopher Coberly – 41
William Lynch – 41 (Ace on 5!)
Joseph Loza – 42 (Juniors Champion)
Mark Loeffler – 42
Les Harrison – 43
Adam Soules – 43
Ryan Walters – 43
Allen Risley – 44
Mike Bloomfield – 44 (Ace on 2!)
Jake Del Dosso – 44
John Loza – 45
Brock Widman – 45
A.J. Risley – 46
Ross Buckley – 46
Ryan Stamm – 47
Gordon Williams – 47
Juan Sierra – 48
Matt Stilinovich – 48
Zach de Graaff – 48
Michael Koda – 48
Brad Townsend – 49
Gergely Tokics – 49
Mike Illich – 50
Matt Freed – 50
Junior Neri – 50
Daniel Quezada – 50
Anthony Pacitto – 50
Thomas Williams – 51
Wesley Fuhr – 51
Collin Morris – 51
Larson Warkentin – 51
Jake Tourtellotte – 51
Luke Loeffler – 52
Steve Taylor – 52
Steven Jantz – 52
Remington Grajeda – 52
Phillip Smith – 53
Manny Munoz – 53
Dave Kalata – 53
David Kalata – 53
Oscar Vigil – 54
Michael Loza – 54
Chase Chamberlain – 54
Matthew Jantz – 54
Brad Ritchie – 55
Mark Petras – 55
Nathan Jantz – 55
Steve Chang – 55
James Vigil – 55
Steven Stillings – 55
Douglas Foster – 57
Trentin Willoughby – 57
Clayton Del Valle – 61
Ben Loeffler – 62
Jon Perkins – 62
Aaron Akers – 63
Josh Westbrook – 64
Samuel Jameson – 67
Bella Pacitto – 90 (Jr. Girls Champion)
I forgot to award her the Jr. Girls Pink Disc but it will be in the mail tommorow! She was a great ticket puller for the raffle too!

A 3 way tie in Intermediate, Jim Lane, Carl Sebern and Luke Hutchinson, was decided by a Rapid Fire, Sudden Death 60 foot putting challenge where each player had a stack of twenty discs and on the signal to begin, threw as fast as they could to nail that one basket for the win! Luke Huchinson was the eventual winner!
There were two Aces on the course, one by William Lynch on Hole 5 and Mike Bloomfield on Hole 2
The Traveler Basket was won by Aubrey Daniels (D Unit)

Colina Park is an Ice Bowl Oasis

Colina Park Golf Course hosted its largest field of disc golfers to date on Sunday, January 7th, as 71 players came together for the 3rd Annual Colina Park Ice Bowl.  At the end of the day, a sudden-death playoff was needed to decide the overall title, as  A.J. “No Mulligans” Risley bested Carl Renda in a one hole shootout.  And it was a good day for the San Diego Food Bank, as well over $1,000 was raised to help feed the hungry.

Competition in the 17-player Men’s Open/Advanced division was fierce.  After 18 holes of play seven players were tied for first place with scores of 39:  Risley, Renda, Oscar Garcia, Deano Porter, Don Burdette, Tito Mendia and Jerry Jones.  Josh Juncal and Aubrey Daniels were just one stroke back at 40.    Risley and Renda birdied all nine of the final holes, finishing one stroke ahead of Garcia and Porter (who had an ace on hole #11).

Scores in the Men’s Intermediate/Rec division were nearly as low, with Logan James, Jeff Brancato and Chris Coberley all carding 40 on the first 18 holes, one stroke better than Mike Despars, Travis Tapley and Eric Shanahan. Logan James took the trophy with a final score of 61 one throw ahead of Coberly and Tapley.

We had a nine player Ladies’ division – a fantastic turnout!  Jennifer Burdette and Rianne Hamilton opened with identical 49s in the first round, but the trophy went to Jennifer after her final 9 24 beat Rianne’s 26 throws.  And in the final 9, Hayley Dumont carded an ace on hole 18!  In the Junior division, Isaiah Spracklen won the penguin-adorned trophy.

The tournament was played on a sunny, 66-degree day, considerably different from the frigid temperatures back on the east coast.  But players were certainly in the Ice Bowl spirit, purchasing strings of mulligan/raffle tickets to benefit the food bank (and help their scores).  The quick between-rounds lunch of Zappy’s pizza was very popular and after a quick shuffle of scorecards players headed out for the final 9 holes.  After the golf was over the players settled in for a generous raffle.  Steven Shimmin kept his lucky streak going, winning the Discatcher Traveler basket in the raffle.

Many thanks to Colina Prk Golf Course for providing a beautiful venue for the event.  Many thanks also to Hans Degner, A.J. Risley, Steven Shimmin and Maxine Duncan for their volunteer help.

Full results can be found here.

Standings After the First Weekend


Carl Renda holds the lead after the first Golden Sombrero weekend after his win at Redlands and second-place finish at Colina Park.  Aubrey Daniels’ high finish at both events puts him in second place with (Mulligan-free) A.J. Risley and Mike Despars rounding out the top 4 spots.  Spots 5 through 10 are held by top finishers at Colina Park since the field of players was larger there.  See you at Murrieta this Saturday!

The top ten points earners after the Redlands and Colina Park Ice Bowls:

Overall Standings (after 2 events included)

 Place Name Points Events
1 Carl Renda 133 2
2 Aubrey Daniels 122 2
3 A.J. Risley 121 2
4 Mike Despars 84 2
T5 Deano Porter 72 1
T5 Oscar Garcia 72 1
T7 Don Burdette 67 1
T7 Jerry Jones 67 1
T7 Josh Juncal 67 1
T7 Tito Mendia 67 1


Full standings can be found here.

The Beanieman Goes Back-to-Back!

Contributed by:  Bill Maury-Holmes

While much of the rest of the country felt the effects of the “Bomb Cyclone,” we broke out the Hawaiian shirts and basked in warm temps and clear skies.  Conditions were perfect for tossing Frisbees in a park and a full field of 60 players came out for the 11th edition of the Redlands Ice Bowl.

2018 Redlands Field

2018 Redlands Ice Bowl Participants

What positively sizzled was the play, even better than last year’s assault on record low scores.  The ten-hole pitch n’ putt deluxe layout at Ford Park was freely giving up the birdies and it again became apparent that perfect rounds of -20 weren’t going to be enough.  The aces started early and six total were tallied over the morning.

Carl Renda did not venture south from his home in Santa Maria to finish second.  Announcing his intentions of defending his title prior to play, Carl backed it up by matching his record -22 from last year.  He is now the only person in Redlands Ice Bowl history to throw an astounding 18 birdies and 2 aces, and has done it twice. Local Brad Jones made Carl earn it by matching him in regulation and taking him to a playoff, where Carl threw-in on hole #4 with his first shot.

2018 Beanie Bill Brad Jones

Three “B’s”:  Beanie, Bill, Brad

In the “Metal o Nada” round Aubrey Daniel nailed an ace on hole #5 and plenty of folks connected for metal hits to likewise join in the scoring.

Most significantly, we will be presenting Redlands Family Service Association with a hefty $1444 for their important work.  Thanks go to the City of Redlands, the Redlands Morning Kiwanis Club, Disc Golf Values, Disc Golf United and Innova Champion Disc Golf for their constant and generous support.  See you Saturday the 5th of January in 2019!

Bill, Samuel and Joel Maury-Holmes

Co-Tournament Directors

Full results can be found here.